Are Pushovers Badasses?

The dictionary defines a pushover as an easy victim. A badass is described in 2 ways:

  1. Bad tempered or aggressive.
  2. Extremely good and impressive, having a very powerful effect.

I’ve shown this piece to you twice already. It’s called Pushovers Alighting. The first version shows them all in the process of touching down, and in the second image some of them have reached terra firma.  In the most recent photo, most of the pushovers are shown having landed, or fallen. In this world, being up and upright is valued more highly than lying down on the ground. The pushovers are actually falling because the masking tape I used is losing its potency. But falling is what pushovers (easy victims) do, right? In the dictionary one of the definitions of fallen is to “come down suddenly from upright position.”

For the most part, pushovers end up on the ground. My suspicion is that badasses are  more likely to remain upright. But sometimes “easy victims” get up, and when they do, they’re probably feeling pretty bad tempered and aggressive, vindictive maybe? definitely miffed about being pushed down. After experiencing being down and figuring out how to get up, they might even end up having a pretty powerful effect on other “easy victims”.

And what happens in the event that a badass goes down? In my mind, pushovers support each other more than badasses do but the badasses are the ones with the resources. Ha! I’d rather be a badass than a pushover but then we all know that we’re gonna go down at some point and we hope that our badass selves are there to help us get back up.