NOT a Halloween piece!

I’m about to put this vessel, without the cat, into Baltimore Clayworks’ Student Show. The reception is Friday, Oct 16 from 6-8. It’s up through Nov 7. I like the way in which the materials and techniques work together. Very often, when those come together, the content does as well. The title, “Bag O’ Goodies And Baddies”, is a play on the notion that if you’re not willing to take on the baddies, you won’t be getting any goodies. This is not a Halloween piece in spite of the cat, the fallen leaves, and the reference to a bag of goodies of any kind. The form looks a bit like a satchel that’s been put down onto a table or, in this case, my deck. The figures move across the undulating surface, unaware of who might be around the corner. This is STILL not a Halloween piece!