Every Which Way

Every which way….. is it this, that, or something else?? I’m not lining up with myself somehow. I’m very busy but don’t have much structure in my life at the moment. I’m not retired yet but I’m not surprised that retirees go right back to work. Of course, an art career never stops unless you want it to.

I’m applying for a residency and they’re requesting a paragraph describing a specific project that I would be working on while I’m there. I don’t generally plan ahead. The work evolves. The Pushovers are an outgrowth of the bullying series, for example. I have ideas that I believe could work but it’s a little like walking in the dark. My arms are outstretched and I’m stumbling to where I think I want to be.

My figures are symbolic. They’re drawn or painted quickly and with urgency. They have things to tell us that are more important than how they themselves look. I’m thinking about a deliberate investigation of the areas in between the figures: tension, communication, power struggle, disdain, love. This is as far as I’ve gotten with this idea. It doesn’t have its teeth yet, but it might!