Where It All Begins

I was having trouble coming up with an idea for this blog so I decided to go where I always go when I’m searching for new ideas for my art. I draw, somewhat randomly. Drawing seems to “draw” out information. It doesn’t always work, of course, and this isn’t the only strategy I have. Sometimes one of these drawings grows into a piece that I will keep. The intention, however, is always the search.

The process is a little like word association games. I begin with an image, doesn’t matter what it is, and I move immediately onto the next one, having been inspired by the first one. The images are usually connected to each other, and it’s possible this will be their only literal connection. There’s no attempt to scale the images relative to each other, or to associate them with narrative. The drawings themselves can be a variety of scales; presumably, the drawing could go on forever. There’s no horizon line or effort to give the images dimension. So it could be any place at any time.