Shouting Sticks

You know those times when you’d like to speak up or out firmly and it would be rude or awkward, or for some reason or another you just don’t do it? Well, here’s your answer. Shouting sticks! You can parade around with it by yourself, or, if you’re lucky enough to have a friend who will do it with you, have a small parade. Invite your neighbors.

These sticks are 16” long. The faces are approx 4”x3”x2”, and the material is pulp paper and Papier Mache. The features are drawn with ink over acrylic paint. This size works for parading but isn’t handy for everyday situations. I’m working on a wallet-sized version. We all have too many cards in our wallets already but this one could be the most important one you own.

You’re at the movies, someone behind you won’t stop talking, you’ve asked them to stop, but they continue. You weigh your options. Complain to the management (too much trouble, not your style). You see an empty seat and decide to move but you’re reluctant to do it because it would mean that they had won! You’d love to give them what-for but it would disturb other people. This is when you reach for your wallet, pull out your laminated picture of a shouting stick, rub it firmly, stick it back in, and settle yourself comfortably in your new seat.

The sticks will be for sale on my website here. They’re $75.00 plus handling and shipping. Stand by for the handy wallet-sized version!