The Little Things That Form Us

I’m calling this triptych, “Business Man Formations”. They’re in formation. I’m using the businessman somewhat randomly; it could be anyone really. The specific titles are, from the left, “Straight Across”, “Up/Down”, and “Askew”. The pieces are 30” square and relief print on handmade paper.

I have, of course, created patterns as well as formations. Pattern, however, is too static a term to use for what I’m getting at. Formation is a noun but it contains a verb, and there’s the inherent presumption of movement. I’m looking at the little things we do that go into forming and characterizing our lives. These are things we might do unconsciously that go into forming our underpinnings. Do you avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks? Do you whistle? Hum? Carry an umbrella? Do you eat chicken? What little things do you do almost daily?

I’m not concerned with serious issues here. “Straight Across” could refer to preparation for the day. I like clipboards and often carry one with me. In “Up And Down” I‘m considering the decisions we make, all day long. Heads or Tails. “Askew” is about the things we do to comfort ourselves, to maintain working order. I rub my fingers together, for example.

As I’m writing this I’m thinking, hmm…this might be sounding like a load of you know what. When I made these prints I wasn’t thinking about the things I just said. I’m not doubting what I said, just wondering about it. I do believe, however, that when we create something we often surprise ourselves.