God (broken)

I introduced this character last December. For some reason I’ve always thought of him as a God image. Yes, he’s pale, not PC, and clearly broken. I dropped him onto the floor and am surprised there aren’t more pieces.  At the time, I stood there with my mouth hanging open ever so slightly, feeling as if I’d done something sacrosanct. I’d planned on using him again but most likely won’t be gluing him back together.

This blog isn’t about God, guilt, or any metaphorical ideas that have come up. It’s about the concept of “broken”.  I’m creating a mosaic of ceramic tiles labeled “Bully” or “Bullied”. When the piece is being assembled I’ll be breaking and chipping some of the tiles. This way the breaking occurs not just literally but is also intended to suggest the breakage associated with the act of bullying and being bullied.

Even though I won’t be gluing the God figure back together, I believe in the potential for redemption when broken pieces are brought back together to form a new whole.