Being There

Woman With Shadow

I began thinking about the “being there” idea in my last blog. I mentioned seeing a photo tagging me at an event I’d completely forgotten about. Clearly, just because I forgot about the event doesn’t mean I wasn’t there. The photo is evidence in this case.

I’m including an image of an unfired ceramic female figure; she’s about 14” high and 6” wide and deep. She’s looking at the shadow she’s casting. The fact that we cast shadows is a sign of our existence, that we take up space; that we were, in fact, there. We can breathe onto a mirrored surface and see the results of our emphatic huffing.

I’ve really just begun thinking about this idea. My interest is due in part to the recent death of my father. On some level, of course, I wish he were still here. And in some very important ways he is still here; even if he’s not creating shadows or condensation.