Antisocial Behaviors

There's a certain titillation for me when I make work concerning bad or anti-social behaviors. It reminds me of a kid who's testing to see how close she can get her finger to the hot burner. I am, after all, a good, private-school-educated girl. Educated way beyond my intelligence, in fact. I was groomed to be a highly social individual, which isn't a bad thing, of course. But I believe I lost, or never found, something along the way. An edge, the propensity to speaking up, figuring out creative ways of being heard. As a teacher I'm aware of how the noisy opinion-staters get the attention while others hold back. 

The work addressing anti-social behaviors is an extension of the Bullying series I've been working on for a little over a year. I see so much bullying going on in the name of being heard. The loudest voice wins!  At this point, however, I believe that when it's quiet, and we're listening, we can truly be heard.