A story about my Mom, an artist

Art can be an always-and-forever thing. It's always there if you need it and it lasts forever if you want it to. On September 27, 2013, a speeding driver hit my mom's car, leaving her seriously brain damaged. She had 2 major brain surgeries, she lived, but she had to re-learn everything. She was a painter, large expressive landscapes. She couldn't walk, swallow, or remember anything about the accident. She did, however, remember her painting. She's frustrated and sad about not doing it anymore. We encourage her to try painting again but she believes they wouldn't begin to meet up with her expectations.

A friend brought her a small flowering plant. It had already started to wilt by the time Mom took out a felt tip pen and began drawing the plant. She's continuing to create the small drawings. The brain damage has left her with a tremor which affects the quality of her lines. I find these recent drawings to be her most daring and poignant work.