The Wall of Humanity

Added on by Mia Halton.

From April 24th until June 5th I’ll be in Puebla, Mexico, participating in an Artist’s Residency at the Arquetopia Foundation Mexico. My project is to build a wall of humanity one ceramic sculpture at a time. Puebla is famous for its Majolica technique. They use clay from the ground and produce their glazes. I use Majolica in my own figurative work.

I’m not literally building a wall. I’ll be creating an installation, covering a standing wall with faces and figures, creating a visual panorama of humanity. I see this piece as a starting place for many more walls that will be created by groups of people. I believe this project would work beautifully as a workshop or class. All we need is clay, a kiln, and bits of sculptural ceramic humanity created by individuals, exhibited together as a united whole.

Please contact me with your ideas about exhibition and/or teaching venues at

Sample of ceramic sculptures

Installation Sketch of Wall of Humanity