The dictionary defines “swoosh” as: “making the sound of fast-moving water, air, or moving with such a sound”. I’m surprised sometimes by some of the words that can unexpectedly be found in the dictionary. Who would have guessed? At any rate, I’m looking at the term as it relates to the small figure drawn in ink on top of the yellow rectangle. I did the drawing and must have mistakenly wiped my hand across the still-wet image.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could wave our arms, make a swooshing sound, and get what we want? We could just stand there and make things okay in our own lives and around the world. Realistically, of course, we know this won’t do much. What is “okay” anyway? I think it’s an organic, living-and-breathing continuum. We’d be constantly waving our arms and SWOOSHING! We’d hyper-ventilate, get things wrong, and miss out on the goodies that come our way to becoming temporarily okay.