Guy as...

I looked up the definition of “hapless”. The dictionary says it means “unlucky” or “unfortunate”. I guess I see these guys as unfortunate, but the word “hapless” just seemed to fit them and their circumstances. Less hap. I enjoy the idea of using the figure to stand in for common symbols. They exist in their own worlds with no horizon line or specific light source. The figures relate back to the human form, of course, but their purpose is to suggest ideas that go way beyond the drawings.

Of the four symbols, I most closely identify with the guy as the check mark. I like lists, and I like checking things off the lists even more. The check mark indicates that the job is finished and it’s okay to move on to what’s next. So it’s an optimistic symbol that insures there’s a future. It can also mean that you got the answer right.

The minus sign is just that: minus. You had something and most or part of it is gone now. It could have been something or someone you needed to let go of anyway.

The plus sign, even though you’re not alone, looks awkward. The triangle looks even more awkward, for different reasons, of course.

For me, the figure is a vehicle, a means to an end. They’re the players in my productions.