The Deal

Exhibiting is part of the art-making deal; it’s the other half of the thought. There are, however, no guarantees that you’ll be offered an opportunity to do it. Researching reasonably worthwhile venues for your work is time consuming and expensive. And you’d better be prepared for rejections, because there are way more of those than there are acceptances. Why do it? I often ask myself.

I don’t ask myself why I make art, I just do it; it’s what I do. It makes a lot of sense to me when I’m making it, but less sense when I’m not. Actually, there isn’t much art that I really like, and as far as art forms are concerned, I’m generally moved by music more deeply than I am by visual art. I look at art and need to know what’s happening in the larger world of it, but I’m not crazy about attending openings.

I make art to try to make sense of the world. It keeps me in motion. It’s how I show up, declare what’s important to me, and invite connection. See? Exhibiting is part of the deal. 

Here I am installing my work at Baltimore Clayworks. The opening reception is this Friday, May 15th from 6-8PM.  I'm honored to be exhibiting these two works in "Putting the Pieces Together: An Exhibition to Address What is Broken". (curated by Sarah McCann) The exhibition runs from May 16-July 4, 2015. Free and open to the public.