I’m on OK Cupid

Listening, 10"x12", Earthenware Clay with Acrylic

I’m on OK Cupid, looking for love. I have a lot of love in my life; friends, family, but I’m talking about romantic love. I’m thinking about “writing” some visual love stories. I met with my accountant yesterday, about taxes, and in my enthusiasm when I found out I was getting a big refund, I told him I loved him. I felt a little awkward afterward, so I tried to offer an explanation. We ended up having a great discussion about love, and when you know it’s “real”.

I’ve learned a lot about love during the past year and a half, taking care of my Dad as he fought his last fight against cancer. I know that there are lots of different kinds of love but I’m wondering if there’s one pit-of-the-stomach place that gets accessed when you feel love profoundly. I hope so, because I know about it now.

The danger, of course, with visual love stories, is the Hallmark factor. So I’ll concentrate on aspects of love and see where it gets me.