New Stuff!

I’m continually applying for things; exhibitions, residencies, etc. And once in awhile I hear a resounding YES! Part of the reason I go through the agony of submitting applications is that I’m inspired to make new work. It’s kind of like hitting the artwork/studio “refresh button”. I’ve got several projects going at the moment. I’ll be showing the entire Pushover series, in a one- woman exhibition, at Clayworks in May 2016. I’ll get to see the work as a whole and, as I figure out how it will fit in the space, I’ll learn more about the concept, and make changes as I go.  

I have a commission to create a mosaic for a friend’s workplace. This will be my first official mosaic. I’ve recently discovered Mason Stains, an exciting new ceramics glazing material that will work well for the mosaic. I’m also collaborating with a writer on an illustrated children’s book that addresses the issue of bullying. We’re looking for an agent if you know of one!