Starring In Your Own Life

What does it mean to star in your own life? And, I’m not talking about red carpet treatment either! We’ve been told ad nauseam that it’s better to give than it is to receive. And tis the season, after all. But for a teacher-type like me the opposite is actually easier. Hmm… As long as I’m doing the giving it appears that I don’t need anything. The givee, on the other hand, does.

There have been times when I’ve given when nothing has been asked for. This has been problematic, even detrimental in some situations. I’ve been known to some, including myself, as Chicken Little, the one who runs around saying the sky’s falling, only to rush in and save the day. I’m happy to say that I’m a Chicken Little in recovery at this point.

Running around in the role of Chicken Little was keeping me from starring in my own life. The image I included here is a piece I made several years ago. I thought it was a dud and stuck it in the bottom of a drawer. It didn’t resonate with me then but it does now. The woman is standing on a stage with a proscenium arch surrounding her. She has that star-dazzled look in her eyes. She’s not just playing the starring role, however, she IS the starring role in her life’s stage.