The Fine Art of Balancing

Unfired Clay, 5"x5"

I’ve been thinking a lot about that elusive and fleeting state of being commonly referred to as balance. We’re always working toward it and when we get there, if at all, it lasts for the same length of time that it takes for a shooting star to reach the ground. We might not even realize we’ve experienced it. It’s partly because as soon as we achieve it something happens to tip the scales and change the game altogether.

I imagine being conscious of that moment when my life is truly balanced and what it would be like to launch myself from that position. Since we never know what’s going to happen, I would be propelling myself with extra force into the unknown. If I were balanced, however, and knew it, I might decide not to launch at all. Why say no to a good thing that took a lot of work to achieve? I think it’s because we’re curious, we want to know what’s on the other side. How will you play the hand? I’d like to think that I would propel myself with extra force into the unknown!!!!