This Is Actually GOD

I’m still recovering from my second bout with one of this season’s nasty flus. Not a happy camper. I had lots of time to think, too much maybe.

It’s been a rough year with Mom’s brain injury and now losing Dad to cancer in the near future. I’d like to “Let go” of some of the stress and “Let God” take it. I’m not there yet, I don’t know how to do that. And I must not be sure I want to let go of it or I’d have let it go anyway. But this piece is about GOD, not stress. So I guess the question is, “Do I trust that a GOD or GOD-ness will help, and if I am offered that help, will I know it?

I believe that each of us is an infinitesimal bit of the GOD-ness that makes up the human race. My ideas about Religion change almost daily but that belief never changes. I also believe in the power of tiny bits of GOD-ness rubbing up against each other and joining together to form something bigger than they are.

When I know I’m no longer contagious I think I’ll go out and rub up against some other tiny bits of GOD-ness and see if we can get something going.