Short Stories That Don’t/Won’t End Well

When I refer to this collection of story tiles I sometimes call it Short Stories That Don’t End Well, at other times I substitute Won’t for Don’t. It’s unconscious but I believe that the word change is significant.

These pieces are quick to make; I don’t plan them. But I think about relationships all the time; human soup, what makes us tick, why do we do what we do to ourselves and to other people?

The ideas for the pieces are ongoing. I record them, not thinking about what happens next. When I suggest that the stories behind the pieces won’t or don’t end well, I’m playing, and being a little tongue-in-cheek.

When I think about it I actually prefer Won’t to Don’t. Won’t suggests that there’s potential for more than one outcome. Don’t, on the other hand, presumes that there is only one possible outcome, and that I know what it is.