Dirty Little Business Man

Okay, so…the Dirty Little Business Man is about 5” high, 4” wide, and 3” deep, he’s made of low-fire earthenware. Black acrylic paint was rubbed onto his surface to give him that dirty look. This character has been with me for a long time, always representing some form of Authority. When I was younger he was my Father, when I went away to college he was Anti-war, Anti-government, Anti-draft, Anti-republican…He appears periodically, at times like this, when there’s a serious distrust of big business, law enforcement, and government.

We’re at a boiling point. We’re shooting each other, we don’t trust each other, and we’re not listening to the so-called powerless ones among us. In some ways the DLBM represents both those with the power, and also those without. Nothing is simple. He’s wearing his power suit but his arms are permanently affixed to his sides, rendering him not only incapable of moving but also vulnerable to outside forces. There are, of course, decent, honest people in government, in the police force and in big business. And my apologies go out to the male species for representing this character as a man. As we know, our institutions of power need to include more women and people of color.

I see an endless number of Dirty Little Business Men installed onto walls everywhere. They can serve as reminders that a suit is just a suit. 

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