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Thank you, Soledad!

Thank you, Soledad!

Just finished my sixth delicious day of creating and printing solar etching plates with Soledad Salame at Sol Print Studios. I’d had minimal, sporadic experience with printmaking before this. In six days I learned a lot about the techniques and how I can use them in my work. I made some good prints and, more importantly, got clearer about my art-making process.

Making a print can be labor-intensive. I found that I needed to take clear, deliberate steps, and that it was a challenge to keep the work area and paper CLEAN! I found the process less “forgiving” than drawing and painting. It’s MUCH harder to cover up mistakes.

I’ve been working primarily three-dimensionally with clay for the last 2 years, so the immersive experience was a good kick in the butt. I got my 2D groove back on!