The figure has served as the subject of my art since I began making it. Using humor and metaphor I visually describe the vagaries and challenges of being human. I choose topics that resonate for me personally, and at the same time, open up new ways of looking at social issues. When I’m making art I can begin to make sense of the world.

After our most recent presidential election I decided to go to Mexico. I spent six weeks in Puebla working alongside of Latina artisanas. We used the clay dug right from the ground. I was creating sculpture and the Artisanas were making utilitarian pottery. They spoke no English, there was no WIFI, and my Spanish is abysmal. The differences between us were profound. I had to figure out a way to BE there. It was here that I realized the importance of individual encounters. Right after returning from Mexico I had a one-person exhibition of the sculptures I created while in Mexico. The show was well received by the Hispanic community in that area of Baltimore.

This was the first body of work addressing “Encounter”. I combined the ceramic sculptures from Mexico, with drawings and prints. The focus of the show was to highlight the small, ongoing encounters that occur every day. Taking advantage of the high ceilings and the fact that I was drawing right onto the walls, the figures connected up, soaring above the viewers’ heads, while wrapping their way around the space. The work had taken on its own momentum. I’m going with that trajectory and will be filming the figures as they interact. By using stop-action animation I can open up even more ways of understanding encounter, and its moral implications.

I’m driven by concepts, in this case by the ubiquitous and all-important encounter. As a member of the ME-TOO movement I’m inspired to look at the encounters women have experienced, and, more importantly, the strategies we’ve used to manage, overcome, and triumph over the fallout from those experiences. Drawing on the writings of classic feminists, I’m developing questions that I’m beginning to address in this new body of work.