The vagaries and challenges of being human are forever fascinating and frustrating. It’s the questions that come up around this that drive my art. Summer of 2017 I created an installation at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore. I’d just returned from a residency in Puebla, Mexico, where I was deeply moved by the challenge of communicating with people who spoke only Spanish. I had to to find ways of connecting with the Publeons. Each of these encounters held profound implication for me, both practically and morally.

Fall of 2018 I was invited to show that work at the McLean Project for the Arts. It was a further examination of the concept of encounter. At that point I was already looking at the possibility of focusing on women’s encounters in particular, when the Ford/Kavanaugh hearings took place. An installation of that work, titled “(we are) Mad As Hell”, is on exhibition at Stevenson University in Baltimore.

Questions raised as I was creating the “Mad As Hell” pieces have inspired ideas for a new body of work that will contain several major parts. As a white woman I’m drawn to the idea of showcasing some of what I’ve learned and experienced inside of this skin.