“White Girls Know Stuff Too”

Two summers ago I created an installation at the Creative Alliance, here in Baltimore. I’d just returned from a residency in Mexico where I was deeply moved by the challenge of communicating with people who spoke only Spanish. I speak only English. I had to dig deep inside myself to find ways of reaching out. Each encounter held profound implications.

This past Fall I created an installation at McLean Project for the Arts. It was a further examination of the concept of encounter. I was already looking at the possibility of focusing on women’s encounters when the Ford/Kavanaugh hearings took place.  An installation of that work, titled “(we are) Mad As Hell”, will go up later this month at Stevenson University in Baltimore.

Questions raised as I was creating the “Mad As Hell” pieces have inspired ideas for a new body of work that will contain several major parts. As a white woman I’m drawn to the idea of showcasing some of what I’ve learned and experienced inside of this skin. Being white just isn’t that sexy right now. But that’s okay because, “White Girls Know Stuff Too”.